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West Bengal: Financial Assistance For Setting Up Of Open Sea Cage Culture Units

Fishing industry is facing a major crisis with fish stocks depleting all over the India as well as in West Bengal State. This decline in the fish supply is the result of over fishing, indiscriminate fishing methods and degradation of coastal and inland ecosystem due to various reasons. There is recognition that marine cage culture system needs to be introduced in coastal area of West Bengal not only to counteract the trend of stagnancy in marine fish landings, but also to increase fish production and thereby providing an avenue for the fishers to augment their present income level and for this West Bengal Govt. will provide financial assistance.


State Fisheries Department, Fisheries Corporations, Federations, Fishermen Societies, Fishermen groups, SHGs and entrepreneurs who should posses necessary clearances for undertaking the cage culture activity in the coastal areas.


  • State Fisheries Department and Fisheries Corporations are eligible for 90% of the unit cost (capital cost + one crop working capital cost) as one time grant to demonstrate the technology to the fishermen societies/ groups/ SHGs.
  • The fishermen societies/groups, SHGs, farmers and entrepreneurs will be given subsidy assistance of 40% on the unit cost (capital cost + one crop working capital cost) not exceeding Rs. 4.06 Lakhs/cage.

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