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West Bengal: Input Assistance For Cage Culture In Brackish Water Areas And Ponds

To promote diversification in coastal aquaculture fin fishes like seabass, groupers, mullets and milk fish cultured in cages placed in ponds and open backwaters for achieving higher production, West Bengal Govt. and NFDB is providing financial assistance  for input cost in first year to farmers.


  1. The support towards first –time inputs will be available to farmers who start cage culture of brackish water fin fishes in ponds and open brackish water areas for the first time on a commercial scale would be eligible for input subsidy assistance.
  2. Items Eligible for Assistance
  • Cost of seeds, nets, imported feeds or highly nutritive feeds with high FCR than the regular feeds used, feed additives and management Chemicals

Quantum of Assistance:

  • Assistance for inputs to the aquaculture farmers is available @ 25% of the unit cost as one time back ended subsidy (not exceeding Rs. 1.75 Lakhs/ha.).
  • SC/ST farmers would be eligible for 30% subsidy assistance, not exceeding Rs. 2.10 Lakhs/ha.

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