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5 must have applications/tools for Indian Start-ups

The internet revolution has changed everything from our lifestyle to way of doing business. There is an unlimited upsurge in number of start-ups across the globe. India what has been considered as the backyard of multinational companies is now on the forefront of start-up boom. Now, the investors around the world are pouring into Indian start-ups hoping that coming future the revolution will start from here. However, this adventurous journey of independent thinking with doing something different attitude is not an easy task. The starting investments and bringing like minded people for a start- up is primary hurdle and run it smoothly for the period till the investments start to come in – various online applications and tools can be handy.

Here is the top 5 list!

  1. Evernote

Evernote has helped many start-ups to build their businesses and it has become an essential need of the organizations. Hundreds of floating documents, images, sounds and most importantly floating ideas can be organized in a simple way by this tool. You can do number of other things too such as ‘keep track of expenses’, create and store meeting notes, save time by creating template notes and many more.

  1. Dropbox

This is a powerful tool not only for start-ups but for everyone. Storing your data in hard-disk is not anymore a smart choice. And believe me, start-ups are a messy place – lots of files, codes and databases that needs to be handled by many teams is a daily phenomenon. Many a times you will be required to access one of the shared files. The best option you can have is Dropbox – anyone can make a change and update the file and store on the cloud by using it.

  1. MailChimp

Most of the Indian start-ups love making mobile applications and e-mail marketing is still one of the cheapest and effective way of promoting your cool features attached to it. It has an entrepreneur package which enables you to send 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers without investing a single penny.

  1. LogMeIn Pro

Entrepreneurs have to travel a lot in the beginning and mobile and laptops are the most reliable friends, but even carrying a laptop sometimes become a heavy task. But by using LogMeIn, you can access your PC or Mac while on the run. It works like you are having a remote and you can control your devices without actually using it.

  1. Mint

Keeping an eye on the financial track empowers you to make a right decision and divert your resources to start-up on the next level. Mint brings financial management on the fingertips of entrepreneurs, and don’t worry you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to run this application. It compiles all financial account in one place in order to provide a quick overview.


Lastly, it is not an exclusive list and if you find something is missing in the list than let me know by commenting.

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