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Central Govt. Scheme to Improve Literacy Rate among Girls from Scheduled Tribes

Name of the Scheme: Scheme of Strengthening Education among Scheduled Tribe (ST) Girls in Low Literacy Districts

Purpose: The scheme aims to bridge the gap between the general female population and tribal women in terms of literacy, through facilitating 100% enrolment of tribal girls in the identified Districts or Blocks, more particularly in naxal affected areas and in areas inhabited by Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs), and reducing school drop-outs at the elementary level by creating the required atmosphere for education.

Eligibility of the organizations:

Voluntary Organization (VO)/Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Must be registered for at least 3 years
  • Must have experience of at least 3 years in successfully running and maintaining hostels and/or educational complexes.
  • Must have financial viability to continue the work for limited periods if in the case of delay or absence of assistance from the Ministry.
  • Must have good reputation and credentials, especially for guaranteeing the security and safety of the hostellers.
  • Must have good network with other institutions including Panchayati Raj for utilization of resources allocated and assets created.


  • A monthly cash stipend of Rs. 100/- will be provided to primary level girl students and Rs.200/- for middle/secondary level girl students for coaching/special tuitions.
  • Monthly cash incentives of Rs. 100/- will be provided at primary level (up to class V) and Rs.200/- at middle and secondary levels (classes VI to XII) to meet their daily expenses.
  • ST girl students will be additionally motivated through periodical awards like bicycles, watches, etc. as would be decided by the Ministry, on passing Class VIII, X and XII.
  • Primers will be prepared in at least 5 major tribal languages selected in coordination with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, for use of children up to Class III.

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