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Jharkhand Export Policy of 2015- A Step Ahead

In a bid to facilitate rapid sustainable export growth in the state and to boost up its share in all India exports to 2% by the year 2019, Jharkhand government launched its Export Policy of 2015. This envisioned goal has to be however achieved by providing an effective institutional mechanism, implementing proactive export promotional strategies, by building supportive infrastructure facilities and developing essential marketing assistance; R&D on global market to create a world-class trade center facility at Ranchi.


  • To strengthen export related infrastructure
  • To bring technology and skill upgradation in the traditional export sectors like Mineral based products, handicrafts, Handlooms, Agriculture and Processed Food products to increase value addition
  • To give focus to existing export industries to provide them with necessary support
  • To pursue Air Cargo export facility since the state has potential weather for fresh floriculture, vegetables and fruits
  • Special focus on MSME sector

Main highlights:

Fiscal incentives-

  • Exemption from Electricity Duty- 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUs), IT and Bio-technology units industries in Special Economic Zone (SEZs) and Electronics Hardware Technology Parks will be exempted from paying of electricity duty for a period of 10 years.
  • Land allotment to export units- The state will give priority to export units which are having over 50% exports of total production, during allotting land in the industrial area. Also, units will be allowed to pay the total cost of land/shed in Industrial Area Authorities in six half yearly equal installments.
  • Transport Subsidy for Shipment to Ports- To encourage exports from the state, Transport subsidy will be provided on the basis of cost that the exporters have paid for shipment and exporting. However, the maximum amount of subsidy will be that of Rs. 10 lakh. Also an outlay of Rs 2 Cr per year will be provided under this category on First-Come-First-Serve Basis to MSME sector.
  • Export Development Assistance (EDA)-
Scheme Eligibility Details

Marketing Support



Foreign Exhibition / Trade Fairs*

(a) MSME Exporters registered with concerned DIC 75% of Stall charges paid up to maximum of Rs. 2.25 lakh for one fair/ exhibition.

Air fare 75% by economy class, max. up to Rs. 50,000/- per person per unit per annum.

  (b) Women Export Entrepreneurs registered with concerned DIC 90% of Stall charges paid up to maximum of Rs. 2.7 lakh for one fair/ exhibition.

Air fare 90% by economy class, max. up to Rs. 60,000/- per person per unit per annum.

(* Units availing similar benefits from any other scheme of the central government will not be eligible for this scheme)

  • Refund of Certification Charges- The State will refund 50% of the expenses that a unit has paid to obtain compulsory certifications like Conformity European (CE), China Compulsory Certificates (CCC) etc. amounting to a maximum of Rs. 2 Lakh per unit per annum for 100% and other export oriented units.

Facilitating export business-

The state will give priority to facilitate exporting of goods and services via these following measures:

  • Exporter’s card- Exporter’s card will be issued to those exporters who are having good track records for early passage of export consignment at check gates of the state government on priority basis.
  • Export award- The Export Award will be distributed annually among the exporters (on the basis of eligibility) of the state for their outstanding export performance in the State in different product groups.
  • Certificate of Excellence- The certificate of excellence will be given to all exporters who have recorded a minimum growth of 25% in terms of value during the Award year over and made a minimum export of Rs.50 lakh.

Infrastructure support-

The state will extend better infrastructure support for the export units through increasing railway network, encouraging ICDs (Inland Container Depots) and CFCs (Container Freight Station), building own trade and information centre and other common facilities like apt supply of raw materials and fuel and product specific parks.

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