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‘Link West’: Complementing ‘Act East’


  • Prime minister Narendra Modi’s foreign tour of eight days to France, Germany and Canada  advances a ‘Link West’ agenda to complement the ‘Act East’ policy and presents India as a balanced player that is strategically attentive in all geographic directions.
  • The credit rating agency Moody’s has upgraded India from ‘stable’ to ‘positive’. Western opinion shapers are hailing India as a rare “bright spot in the global economy”.
  • Modi’s travels would be incomplete without mobilising the Indian diaspora to work for India’s future.


  • Industrialised Western middle powers have tremendous potential to assist India’s rising economic graph.
  • Modi is tugging at the hearts and minds of corporate titans sitting over investible capital in France, Germany and Canada because he is perceived to be walking the talk on overhauling the Indian economy.
  • His ‘Make in India’ campaign is garnering serious foreign attention and buyin thanks to the accelerating pace of our GDP growth.


  • The lobbying capacities of Indians in Europe will get a definite boost as Modi projects an India that they can be proud of rather than be apologetic.
  • Modi is fulfilling his mandate as a catalyst by speeding up or recalibrating deals on Rafale fighter jets and Areva nuclear reactors from France, as well as uranium supplies from Canada.
  • By the time his Western odyssey concludes on April 16, there will be lots of concrete deliverables to tally. But the broader storyline is that he not just linked with the West but tapped into it.

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