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National Career Services portal lists manual scavenging as a career option


  • Cleaning of sewers, descending into manholes, removing night-soil (human excreta) using a broom find a place in the National Career Services portal that was launched recently as a part of Skill India.
  • Modi government seems to now promote and allow the hiring of the prohibited act of manual scavenging at the click of a button, while there has been a call to stop manual scavenging from various walks of society including the PM himself.
  • Advocates Clifton D’ Rozario and Maitreyi Krishnan, who had taken the issue of manual scavenging to the Karnataka High Court say “These dehumanising are the very practice due to which the manual scavenging community has been stigmatised, ostracised and discriminated, is now being proudly promoted as a ‘career option’.”
  • Furthermore, employing persons under these definitions have been made punishable with imprisonment under the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013, the advocates say.
  • Incredibly, the job profile of a “Safai Karamchari” and a “scavenger” is listed as being “mildly hazardous or dangerous”, putting them in the same category as “astrologer” and “palmist” that come under unorganised sector careers.

Source: TheHindu

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