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Scheme for Setting up Mini Tool Room & Training Centres

Govt. of India have set up a few Tool Room & Training Centres of large size involving estimated cost of over Rs. 50 crores each, in order to provide facilities for design and manufacture of toolings, and also for training to improve the skill of tool markers, for the benefit of industries in MSME sector.


  • To manufacture Jigs, fixtures cutting tools, gauges, press tools, plastic moulds, forging dies, pressure casting dies and other toolings for Small Scale Industries. Advanced tool making process using CAD/CAM techniques are to be adopted.
  • To provide training facility in tool manufacturing and tool design to generate a work force of skilled workers, supervisors, engineers/designers etc.
  • To work as a Nucleus Centre for providing Consultancy, information service, documentation etc, for solving the problems related to toolings of industries in the region.
  • To act as a common facility Centre for small scale industries and to assist them in product and prototype development.


An individual, firm, company, association, NGO or society,SPVs set up by States in partnership with private partners, State Govt or State Agencies, other than NGOs.SME-Development Act, 2006 and form an SPV (Mini Cluster) can apply.


The Central assistance will be in the form of one time grant-in-aid equal to 90% of the cost of machinery/equipment (restricted to Rs. 9.00 crores in each case) in the case of a new Min Tool Room, and 75% of the cost of machinery/equipment (restricted to Rs. 7.50 crores) in case of an existing Mini Tool Room to be upgraded/modernised.

How to apply:

You can contact your near MSME-DI to apply. You can apply online also.

For More Info: Click Here

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