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Subsidy on Transportation of Poultry feed from Other States

To encourage farmer to go in for poultry production & increase poultry meat and egg production in the state.


All the Poultry farmers in Goa having following eligibility are entitled to avail the benefits of the scheme.

  • The Poultry Farmer should be registered with the Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services with full details including capacity of birds etc.
  • The Farmer should be a bona fide resident of Goa for last 10 preceding years at the time of making application.
  • The Farmer should have a Unit of Layers or Broilers within the State of Goa only.
  • The farmer should be a producer starting from day old chicks and sell his final produce in the market and not a trader bringing birds from outside Goa.

Pattern of Assistance:

The subsidy will be released @ Rs.200/- per metric ton of feed purchased.

Procedure for Application:

  • Feed in its ready to use form should be purchased from State other than Goa State and brought to Goa to meet his requirements.
  • The farmers who need feed in lesser quantity less than 3.0 tons at a time should buy the feed through Goa Bagayatdar only, who sell the Poultry feed. Goa Bagayatdar is approved Marketing Co-operative which sells agriculture inputs and feed in different parts of Goa.
  • The bills of feed in terms of tons only will be accepted for consideration of feed transport subsidy.
  • The farmer shall produce the bill of feed procured as above to the Talukas Veterinary Officer or Assistant Director. He shall then certify the bill and forwarded the same to Director for consideration for the Scheme. The farmer should give all details about his requirement of feed to local Officer before procuring the feed and maintain a register which shall be countersigned from time to time by the Departmental Officer/ Authority.
  • If during inspection by Department Authority it is found that the information by beneficiary is is not accordance to the guideline of Government, the Department shall be take punitive action against beneficiary and debar him from benefits of scheme.

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