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West Bengal Tourism Policy 2016

For capturing the fair share of domestic and international tourists and taking a lead in sustainable development over the next five years, Department of Tourism under West Bengal Govt. has brought up the new edition of State Tourism Policy.


  • To improve the market share of West Bengal in the inbound international tourism segment and also to have a dominant share in the domestic tourism market.
  • To promote responsible and sustainable tourism through the integrated development of the infrastructure and not scattered, stand alone and fragmented development.
  • To develop a portfolio of tourism products by utilizing its unique ecological, historical, cultural, religious, wildlife, sports, shopping, health care, educational and human assets.
  • To proactively develop partnership with the governmental and non-governmental agencies including the private sector to take advantage of complementary capital and intellectual assets to promote tourism.
  • To facilitate tourism by all segments, particularly the middle and lower income tourists, by making the tourist spots in the State.

Period Of Operation:

The policy will be in effect from the 3rd February 2016 in the whole state of West Bengal and remain valid for the period ending on 31st March 2021.


  • Units applying for incentive shouldn’t have applied or taken the benefit of similar incentives under any other policy/scheme of the State Government.
  • Following tourism projects/units and also to expansion projects of existing units set up on or after the effective date of this policy can apply for the incentives.
  1. Hotels of star categories
  2. Hotels graded by State Government
  3. Heritage Hotels, Resorts, Health Farms and Health & Wellness spa
  4. Wayside and public amenities at tourist sites
  5. Theme based Entertainment centre, Amusement Park, Aquarium, Aqua Park
  6. Art and Craft Villages, Craft and souvenir shops at tourist sites excluding manufacturing, development of souvenirs and artisan bubs
  7. Golf Courses
  8. Camping, Caravan, Tents and other temporary accommodation facilities developed for tourism purposes
  9. Aerial Ropeways
  10. Convention Centers
  11. Adventure Tourism Projects
  12. Cruise Boats, Houseboats
  13. Eco-Tourism Projects
  14. Wildlife Safari


  • Capital Investment Subsidy up to 25% depending upon the area in which unit is located subject to a limit of Rs. 175 Lakh, will be provided for an approved project of an eligible unit.
  • Interest Subsidy up to 75% annually depending upon the area in which unit is located subject to a limit of Rs. 30 Lakh will be provided 7 years.
  • Up to 100% waiver of electricity on the electricity consumption in approved project for 5 years.
  • Employment generation subsidy up to 60% of expenditure incurred on Employees State Insurance (ESI) and Employees Provident Fund (EPF) 5 years depending upon location of the unit (10 years for Special Area)
  • An eligible unit, which has been qualified for bringing in more than 50 International Tourists or 100 Domestic Inbound Tourists in a financial year supported by payment of Service Tax, shall be entitled to an additional incentive for purchase of tents/dingy/adventure & sports equipments/related accessories by way of reimbursement up to 100% VATdepending upon the area.
  • Stamp Duty and Registration Fee Subsidy up to 70% depending upon the enterprise category.
  • Standard quality compliance @ 50% of cost up to a maximum of Rs. 7.5 lakh for obtaining certification / accreditation like ISO/BIS/ISI.
  • All new Tourism Units shall be given 100% relief on paying Luxury Tax for a period of 3 years from the year of commencing operations if located in ‘Special Areas’ on reimbursement basis.

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