Andhra Pradesh police mulls setting up more I-CLIK kiosks for women


  • I-CLIK(Instant-Complaint Login Internet Kiosk) service enables women, who are generally apprehensive about visiting a police station, to file a complaint online from kiosk.
  • On Abhayam (fearlessness), a mobile application to come to the rescue of distressed women, can also be utilised to check the menace of ragging.
  • The complaint format is menu driven and user friendly.
  • One has to log in and file the complaint. Once the complaint is lodged, it will land up at the central command station and the relevant police station will be alerted to act upon.
  • The app comes with a panic button programmed to send alerts and the caller can lodge his or her complaint or problem and the call will be routed through a server to the Central Command Station.
  • If the caller is unable to specify the location, then the location will be tracked through the help of GPS.

Source: ET

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