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Govt. Provides Financial Assistance to Cultural Organizations

Name of the scheme: Scheme for Financial Assistance to Cultural Organisations with National Presence

Purpose: The main purpose of this scheme is to financial assistance to cultural organizations throughout the country who have national presence.


  • The applicant Organization should, in order to qualify for grant, have a properly constituted managing body or governing body or governing council with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in the form of written constitution.
  • It should have facilities, resources, personnel and experience to take up the project for which grant is required.
  • The Applicant Organization should be registered in India having an all India Character with national presence and should have operational presence at national/international level.
  • The activities of the organization should be primarily or significantly Cultural.
  • The Organization should have capacity to do at least 20 events/programmes in a year.
  • The Organization should have adequate working strength artistes/staff/volunteers.
  • The Organization should have spent Rs.1 crore or more during 3 of the last 5 years on cultural activities.

Financial assistance will be given for all or any of the items listed below:

  • Normally up to 25% of total Govt. grant may be utilized for Maintenance (Salary of staff, Office Expenses, Miscellaneous Expenses) and Construction/Repairs/Extension/Restoration/Renovation of the Building of the Institute/Organization/Culture focused on promotion of Art & Culture.
  • Normally up to 75% of the total Govt. grant should in any case be utilized for Payment of Honorarium and other miscellaneous expenses on showcasing/production of events important to the preservation or promotion of cultural heritage and arts including Research Projects on promotion of Art & Culture.

Quantum of financial assistance:

  • An Organization would normally be given financial assistance amounting to Rs.1.00 crore.
  • Further, the financial assistance by the Ministry would be limited to Rs.2.00 crores only.
  • However, the amount may be enhanced up to Rs.5.00 crores in exceptional/deserving cases, with the approval of HCM.
  • Assistance under the Scheme to an Organization will be restricted to a maximum of 67% of the approved cost, subject to the ceilings given above.
  • The balance 33% of the approved cost is to be incurred by the Organization as its ‘matching share’ (other than the contribution by State/UT Government/Union Ministries/PSUs/Universities etc.)

For further details, contact below:

Enquiry time is from 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on all working days.

For queries Shri Ashish Kumar, SO (P. Arts) may be contacted on phone

No. 011-24642137

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